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Hello World

A wide range of example files that you can load up in FlowStone

Hello World

Postby admin » Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:15 pm

This is a simple example of how to make an EXE file!

Load this project and then select the main top level module. Now click on the EXE button on the bottom left of the module.

If you are using FlowStone Free you will need to buy some FlowStone credits to make an EXE (Unless you already have some on your account!).
Now log in with your username and password, hit update (The number of available credits will be displayed above you username). If you have credits then you will have the option to ‘Export using 1 credit’, if not then you can by credit by clicking on the link or Buy Credit button. Now ‘Proceed with Export’ and Hay Presto you have just made your first FlowStone standalone EXE file!

In this example are all of the essential elements necessary to make a nice looking EXE, there are some basic GUI elements defining the background colour and a title. Plus we have added some switches and an LED to make a simple code Breaker game. Crack the code and the LED lights and a siren is sounded.

Have Fun!
Hello World.fsm
Hello World make EXE example
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