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LynxMotion BRAT Trainer

A wide range of example files that you can load up in FlowStone

LynxMotion BRAT Trainer

Postby admin » Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:06 pm

This example show how to program and record the movements of the LynxMotion BRAT bi-ped robot.

1st Select the correct COM port for your robot.
2nd press 'Activate' to turn all of the servos on.
3rd Position your robot using the servo sliders to be in a neutral starting position.
4th press 'Log New Position' to store this position
5th press 'new line' to create a new position entry
6th Reposition your robot as in step 3, as required.
Also you can change the servo speed and time between sequences (used for playback)
7th press 'Log New Position' to store this position

Repeat 5-7 until your sequence is complete! You can use the 'Up' and 'Down' buttons to step through your program and edit any positions using the sliders remembering to 'Log New Position' to save the edits.

Once complete press 'Save Sequence' and give it a name. Sequences can be re-loaded at a later data edited and re-save as necessary.

Robot sequences can be played using the LynxMotion Sequencer in the next example file download!
LynxMotion Brat V4-08.fsm
LynxMotion BRAT Trainer
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