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About snagit

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 2:00 am
So, I was making some tut vids and tried snagit.

I recommend it, but its audio capture is terrible.
Try using snagit and edison for audio capture. Seems the fastest combo. Even faster than OBS


and BTW, was going to post in off topic, but it's crazy in there lol

There's also OBS. But funnily enough; My graphics card requires more energy. Even though I got a power supply which was pro-rated it overloads on Me after OBS lol.

So, You can use VLC, I did to make My latest video. I set it to .webm and merely used edison for the audio. Which also has the strength of being a 32 bit float mind You.

I tried one other which was also fast, no audio though. I'll find the name of that and drop that one too.

Maybe I'll try OBS 32 bit.