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Not all code examples load?

For general discussion related FlowStone

Re: Not all code examples load?

Postby Mark Hudson » Sat Jul 17, 2010 7:58 am

Trafic Lights is working for me too now. Thanks for sorting :D
(I also use Chrome 8-) )

PS It also loads fine into SM so I can fiddle with it there too! Very nice to have that backwards compatibility!
Some of the other examples don't load in SM due to missing components but it's nice that there is this ability to move work between SM & Flowstone. I am just about (I think) about to buy 2 commercial SM licences to use in my college on Music Tech course, but if I can use FS-FREE as well/alongside, that will make a huge difference! I am going to play for couple of weeks before deciding, as I may end up getting FS instead? Not sure :?
Mark Hudson
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