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Installation on a network

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:48 am
by Mark Hudson

I am looking to buy FlowStone for use in my college, initially for a Music Tech course - to make VST plugins etc - but also maybe for some Physics/Computing if other departments are interested in it.

The plan is to have FlowStone FREE on as many machines as possible - at least one computer room/lab - and 1 or 2 Enterprise/Professional versions (not sure yet) on dedicated workstations.

Because FS could look a bit daunting on to a newcomer (well my students anyway!) I will want set up some new groups in the toolbox that only contain what they will need to use - i.e. relevant audio related modules. I have tried this and can drag modules into a new toolbox group but primitives won't? Is there a reason for this, or can it be done somehow?

My questions:

1. Will FS FREE install to and run from a network with multiple users?
2. Assuming it does, will any additional toolbox groups that I create be visible by default to my students?
3. Can primitives be dragged (like modules) into new toolbox groups?

Many thanks