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Dam... that's cool - But will SynthMaker exist in Future?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:00 am
by chackl

First of all... wow that will be a great software... also thought everytime in SM that it's not only for VSTs but never thought about expanding it!!! Real great idea!! I'm eaven able to use National Instroments Card as MIDI controller (Not tested but i'll to it after the Pro release!) So i don't need this f***ing LabView anymore!!! Great Great Great!!!

Will Synthmaker exist in Futute if a VST export option is inside???

And also there are lot's of problems with Timering... it seams that FlowStone gets the same limits in this point. But why??? Steinberg or Imageline got too a solution to hold on the Sync of the ASIO driver and send MIDI messages from ist...