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Version 1.1.4

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Version 1.1.4

Postby admin » Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:57 am

This release introduces a number of new components and contains some important bug fixes and enhancements.

There's a new Measure Text component that allows you to determine the exact area that text will occupy when displayed. This is very useful for creating dynamic layouts and areas of scrollable text. We've provided a new Text View module that shows this in use.

Other new components include String Array and Int Array switches, a Boolean Xor and three new bitwise Int operators. Several components have been enhanced in this release. The String to String Array allows you to split by field width, the Is Key Pressed has a trigger input to make testing key state easier and the System Folders component now allows you to get at just about any Windows folder on the host system.

The link hover highlighting was too subtle so we've improved that so that you can much more easily pick out the paths of links in more cluttered schematics. If you hover on a link it now gently fades to black or white.

Following on from the last release where we supported the Labjack U3-HV device we complete the pair in this update with the U3-LV component.

Finally, we have a new built in tutorial which you can get at via the Help menu.

Summary of Changes:

- New: Labjack U3-LV device is now supported
- New: Link hover highlighting has been improved to make it easier to see the link you are hovering over
- New: the String to String Array component can now also split a string into substrings of a particular size
- New: Measure Text component
- New: the System Folders component now allows you to find the path to any known folder by supplying the known folder id
- New: String Array and Int Array switch components
- New: the IsKeyPressed has a new trigger input which you can use to poll whether the key has been pressed
- New: Text View module
- New: Boolean Xor, Int Xor, Int Or and Int Not components
- New: tutorial available from the Help menu
- Fix: Changing the font in the properties of some modules was was causing links to become frozen and the module to turn red
- Fix: the Shell Execute component no longer triggers when adding a link to the Exec input
- Fix: the Shell Execute component now allows opening of files without specifying the application
- Fix: the Wave File and Wave File Array were not loading very small wave files (below 4096 samples)
- Fix: the Wave File Array component was causing crashes when performing operations after switching between Mono and Stereo
- Fix: the Clear and NoSave inputs on the Wave File Array component were not working
- Fix: the Array Builder components were not appearing in the toolbox when filtering by type
- Fix: the Audio Devices and Midi In/Out Devices components were not working in the FREE edition
- Fix: problem with crashing when loading back some schematics where a module in the current navigator path has more than 255 components
- Fix: locally stored user guide and component reference pdfs were not being opened from the Help menu
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