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Byte vs Byte

Home and building automation using flowstone

Byte vs Byte

Postby JB_AU » Sat May 24, 2014 11:05 am

How do i send 1byte aka 8bits through the comport module?
In my model i have a string i.e. 01001101 , which to me is 8 bits or 1 byte :shock:
If i send this, by firstly choosing the manual override, the log shows 8 bytes sent :?
I think because it is a string, it sends 0.. 1.. 0.. 0.. 1.. 1.. 0.. 1.. , should i be using hex values as i don't see a way for byte?

Next question :roll:

I would like my override switch to send a character to the port '^' (TRUE) or '$' (FALSE) depending on its state, i can then have the mcu flip between sending or receiving states.

:o Exactly 1 year ago i asked for help :o
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Re: Byte vs Byte

Postby Walter Sommerfeld » Mon May 26, 2014 10:46 am

Hi JB,

YUP i would choose Hex mode (use Binary 2 Hex and vice versa)...

send a character to the port '^' (TRUE) or '$' (FALSE) depending on its state

Here i would send a Hex 'Packet' like FF00 and FF01 or similar to switch into manual override!
Then decode/detect it on the receiver side...
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