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Quilcom SIM-THROAT: Don't hurt yours!

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Quilcom SIM-THROAT: Don't hurt yours!

Postby Spogg » Sun Aug 07, 2022 4:10 pm

Recently I got interested in throat singing in its various forms. Since I already own the instrument I thought I’d have a go at actually doing it.
Apart from failing totally, I hurt my throat and it took 2 days to get better. So I had the idea to make a vocal processor effect plugin to simulate the sounds using my regular voice with a microphone.

The results are far from convincing but may have a novelty value in their own right. After all, brass settings on a Minimoog don’t sound exactly like brass but the sound does get used.

I won’t repeat the details in the User Guide or background info folder, but I’d like to thank Martin Vicanek for his remarkable Vocoder DSP/ASM (and all his other stuff I regularly use).

Download: ...

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Re: Quilcom SIM-THROAT: Don't hurt yours!

Postby Tepeix » Wed Aug 10, 2022 10:25 am

Very cool and interesting, thanks to share !)

I've done some throat singing as autodidact,
after learning a bit of normal singing.
Could not teach but i would say that the base to not be hurt for me
even more with throat singing is to never force anything.
I don't try to go higher or lower, but it must come naturally with no effort at all, expulsing air slowly.
I don't try to be just or even to make a good sound.
Sometime the first time i go to a frequency / resonance it will sound bad but i don't try to do better.
Next time i try it will probably sound better.

Well you don't need it anymore for the sound,
but i like to think that it could have some spiritual or regenerative properties ;)
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