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2 Nice Knobs

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2 Nice Knobs

Postby » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:27 pm

Hello, I've been learning to work with vectors.

Admittedly though; I have not used as much math as would seem prudent. Obviously using math You can achieve impressive angles; and that system is simplistic assuming You stay within the realm of allowable percentiles.

But I mean; I rough with the best of them. I was thinking in the case of the slider "joystick" it would be interesting to do it in a 3d light. So, that the middle one is straight but the ones on the left6 and right seem from the side for realism.
I'd like to work on that math and get it just so; With a vector program like knobman it seems plausible.

So, here's the joystick style of slider:


bands knob.rar
joystick style
(7.73 KiB)


Here's a slider knob, which was originally provided open source by ramotion. Mine is a slight variation on their original design so as to look convincing and have a nice feel within VST's.


At freebiesbug, there's more information:

the original PSD file can also be Downloaded Here: here.

steel slider x4 os v6.rar
Pitch Shifter Slider Knob Style
(3.62 KiB)
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