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generic "virtual" comport

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generic "virtual" comport

Postby fixstuff555 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:43 am

Here is a "remote" comport. Basically on the server side program, a COMport primitve is interfaced to the Ethernet Server primitive, and on the Client side is strictly the Ethernet Client. Although not a true virtual comport, it allows an easy way to write messages to a comport located on a remote computer, and receive replies. I tested it with a simple loopback, but it probably needs a bit more work to fully flesh it out. By adding another COMport primitive on the Client side, you would have a basic tunneling serial port. Both features if purchased in a specialty module usually runs from $150 to $500 for full blown virtual serial ports with tunneling (i.e Digi IAP one or similar). With a bit more work, this code could become VERY useful to someone possibly.
virtual comport_server_r1.fsm
(15.18 KiB) Downloaded 882 times
virtual comport_client_r1.fsm
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