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2SYNts- regular guitar to poly synth

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Re: 2SYNts- regular guitar to poly synth

Postby nix » Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:09 pm

there is no inherent delay, only soundcard latency
the pitch tracking filters do take some time to respond however,
as they sorta slide up and down the fretboard, the signal is somewhat smoothed.
The midi part does have some delay though, as I have to poll the stream into MIDI

Vibrato is perfectly possible, it can be quantised to semi-tones or not
- to play with vibrato, the pitch quantising can be turned off

I'll do videos with strumming(strumming really doesn't work very well though,
for sure you can't get a picked skank going, it can read like harp strokes) and the mixed signal soon
atm it requires DAW routing to run the dry guitar alongside
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