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*** NEW *** Bobs Vocoder with formant shift & Pitch Tracking

Post any examples or modules that you want to share here

Re: Bobs Vocoder with format shift

Postby BobF » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:23 pm

BobsVocoderW Formatshift2.fsm
(584.93 KiB) Downloaded 896 times

Hello Gang,

Well I have finished the new design of my Vocoder using Dynamic filters instead of static, plus I added packing and unpacking to get cpu usage down. I have to say it made a world of difference. I now think it should work on almost any computer. A lot of thanks goes out to Spogg and martinvicanek for there help and use of modules they have created.

I took out the poles switch and set it for 6 and also the Q is set for 5.05. Also I have made some new additions that even make it better than it was. I have added a Sibilants filter (far left buttons), input distortion with bypass, and a pitch tracking oscillator. AS in the first post it can work in either midi or a manual mode. To use it in manual mode press the "Test Note Start" button till you get a waveform displayed on the scope, then explore the presets I have provided. Note there are now 10 presets to start you going. The lfo's control oscillators 1 and 2 and can be set to modulate freq or phase via the far left buttons. Also there are 2 pitch shifters, 1 before vocoding, and 1 after vocoding, each with there own feedback controls. Also at the far left are buttons to put the pitch shifters in semitone mode or reverse audio mode. There are 2 filters, again 1 before vocoding, and 1 after. To use the pitch tracking mode select it via the "Osc Count" selection. Then use the controls under "Pitch Tracking"

Note! When setting new presets, if your oscillator frequency does not start at the correct freq, select a higher/lower octave then back to your desired octave..

Ok, that's it. Just play with it a lot and have fun. If I left anything out, you find some bugs, have some comments/improvements, PLEASE post them.

Later then and enjoy, BobF.....
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Re: *** NEW *** Bobs Vocoder with formant shift & Pitch Trac

Postby Spogg » Mon Aug 29, 2016 1:56 pm

Bob that's excellent!

It worked straight out of the box. The CPU is now so much lower than before and the sound is spot on! Plus you said it would take ages to update and obviously it didn't!
We do speed up as we gather experience.

Would it be ok for me to put it on the flowstoners website under Flowmates?

I think it would benefit from a short user guide or this can be a bit of text for the website to describe the features briefly. Can you oblige? I can do a short website description if you prefer, and then direct visitors to this topic for any questions. Just let me know what you'd like to do.


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