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Useful Tip: De-Zippers and result of Multiplication

DSP related issues, mathematics, processing and techniques

Re: Useful Tip: De-Zippers and result of Multiplication

Postby nix » Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:37 pm

I can agree to that.
It's obvious that DSP effects work and they do not all sound the same.
The different effects have different waveforms when rendered to prove it.

multiplication and division sound the same, I think any rounding errors are inconsequential when using a normal bitrate.

-- they are essentially exactly the same.
If you took a 440 hz sine with .5 peak, and multiplied it by .5 and rendered that
and the same sine and divided it by 2
they would null when phase inverted for sure, without any noise or inconsistencies at all
This test could be extrapolated by multiplying them again by 2 and dividing it by .5 unto say 1000 iters
to see if they would still null perfect
--they prolly would
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Re: Useful Tip: De-Zippers and result of Multiplication

Postby » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:12 pm

Ok, lol; so I feel having no de-zip can be very relevant. But obviously using it while configuring or affecting settings there is a great strength to its being utilized.

To that end I've made a usable example which can be found in the beta of the shelf EQ which is available here:

(just look within the code which contains the coefs for the hp and lp).
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