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Multi Voices/interpolations delay

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 5:53 pm
by Tepeix
Here's a multi voices/interpolations delay.

I wanted to hear all the different 4 points interpolations.

But i don't know yet if the differences i hear is psychological or real !)
(After coding all the stuff, there's the bias that i want to hear a difference)

Maybe an allpass interpolated delay will do a better job at lower cost.
But who know if in certain situation a Lagrange, cubic or my fractal fantasy could be better ?

The input should be mono. This way it only write one time 4 continuous sample by cycle.
But output and delay are streaming giving a 4 tap/head delay.
(Give the opportunity to use the SSE to calculate 4 interpolation at the same time)
No shufps bug this time ;)

Do you hear a difference ?