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which stepper motor driver is best for robotic arm?

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which stepper motor driver is best for robotic arm?

Postby shangxin32 » Wed Dec 25, 2019 9:49 am

I am building a robot arm am using TB6560and datasheet,with stepper motor 17HS3001-20B datasheet. ... 404S1.html ... 04S-X1.pdf

I have problem with the stop current setting i.e. when stop the driver tb6560 reduces current supplied to motor by 50%.

This reduces the holding torque in stop position(when no signal is given by arduino).

I want increase holding torque as well as torque in running condition .

Is there any setting in tb6560 to set dip s2 for required current setting ,because tb6560 board that is only have two option i.i 20 % and 50% of running current.

Should this problem can resolve with TB6560 or I change driver to TB6600 or any other driver like L298 ,A4998 or any better solution .

I am using 12/24 volt and max 3A.

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Re: which stepper motor driver is best for robotic arm?

Postby ToryBlaker » Tue Jan 11, 2022 4:20 pm

Read the datasheet on Decay Mode and Torque settings.
Use only switches SW1, SW2, SW3 to set the winding current. This is non intuitive, but what they did was include Decay in the current settings and simply confuse the settings issues.
Set S1=S2=Off ...this is Normal 0% rate change speed (these are DCY1, 2)
Set S5=S6=Off ...this is Normal 0% fallback Torque setting (these are TQ1, 2)
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Re: which stepper motor driver is best for robotic arm?

Postby LealBarron » Sun Apr 16, 2023 3:53 am

Both servo and stepper motors are suitable for different robotic systems. However, servo motors are superior to stepper motors since they are more efficient. It is because servo motors are designed with a closed-loop structure, allowing them to implement better positional control. [url=]Car wrapping solihull
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