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BLDC and stepper motor driver with FS

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BLDC and stepper motor driver with FS

Postby tom_g » Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:57 am

Hi all,

here is a demo of 3phase PWM signal generation which could be used to drive BLDC motors...
I'm newcomer to the DSP tool, modifications to the 3-phase generation are welcome !

(Tnx trog for the scope, is a great help !)

I am seeking a way out of FS to the real world.

Has anyone gained experience with hardware IO (other than audio) which is fast enough to follow these realtime generated FS signals ?
Does multi channel audio work through ASIO provided the hardware is present ?

Any hints welcome, thanks in advance !

Regards Tom
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Re: BLDC and stepper motor driver with FS

Postby nix » Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:26 am

Hey mate,
I'm pretty useless with machine control,
but 128khz control signals are realisable with sound cards.
Here is a system for dc uncoupling->
I will check your 3-phase schematic, but my grasp of the use of separate phases is hopeless, like I say hehe
Here we have discussed stepper motor control
(I have wired a bipolar one to a physical knob at one stage)->

I have plenty of multi-channel ASIO experience, and it's a solid tech generally,
ie. I have had hardware die but little soft niggles

Pulses r cool!hehe

I am into fast signals too, if you find anything interesting out.
I have used audio to make tachometers that read above 3000hz fine.
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