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PTZ Controller

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PTZ Controller

Postby lalocar » Wed Sep 21, 2022 1:16 pm

This small application for Visca by IP-UDP arose out of necessity, where I work, a broadcasting
company, several Sony BRCH-900 video cameras with their RM-IP10 controller were being used,
they were going to be taken to an event outside from the country.
At the same time in another local event another camera was required, we did not have another
controller, they were all in use, and well, “let's try Flowstone”, after a week, it was already solved.
I read in the forum, that some users had problems with the Visca protocol, I'm not saying that it
was easy, without having experience in it, but I got a good result thanks to Wireshark and PacketSender.

Capture_Lite 300.png
Capture_Lite 300.png (40.37 KiB) Viewed 4798 times

Of course I used resources from other users, which saved me time, so I wanted to share it as a
There is only one thing I couldn't figure out, and if anyone knows please share, I can't get the
response from the server. When the camera connects, I send an "inquiring" command and I get
nothing, so I can't know its status, although using Wireshark I see the response, but not in the
client primitive.
Now I am developing a more complete and multi-camera app but I need to solve the server return

Capture_PTZ 300.png
Capture_PTZ 300.png (28.23 KiB) Viewed 4798 times

Here the app...
PTZ CTL_Lite.rar
(2.48 MiB) Downloaded 235 times
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Re: PTZ Controller

Postby lalocar » Fri Dec 02, 2022 1:38 am

Hello everyone, I share an upgrade, with the addition of some necessary functions and a general
internal ordering for your better understanding.
The Vertical Flip (F) function, in this type of cameras, works in such a way that it must be turned off
and turned on again, likewise there are two slide switches with the Reverse (R) function, for Pan and Tilt.
I also added AutoWhite (AW) with its respective Shot when it is OFF.
IDVIEW simply a memory aid to display the camera number in which you are working, in case of opening
several instances of the controller.
Sample.png (84.6 KiB) Viewed 2884 times

Comment and ask any questions you have, and if possible I will answer them. ... sp=sharing
PTZ CTL_Lite_V2.fsm
(354.19 KiB) Downloaded 127 times
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