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Modeling an Guitar Amp

For general discussion related FlowStone

Re: Modeling an Guitar Amp

Postby aronb » Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:29 pm

Nice Links !!!

However is the Synthmaker site down? :?

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Re: Modeling an Guitar Amp

Postby acg2010 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:08 am


SynthMaker site has been down (off-line) off and on in recent history, however, it has been down for several days in a row now, possibly removed permanently which is too bad because there was lots of good info and modules there.

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Re: Modeling an Guitar Amp

Postby jesterstudios » Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:06 am

acg2010 wrote:Guto, I am no expert and not even a guitar player myself but if you search the SynthMaker forums, there is a lot of good info on distortion and guitar amp sim info. My guitar amp sim project is here if you want to take a look at it:



It has been difficult to get direct help from people who actually create amp sims since they typically don't want to give up any programming or approach secrets. I spent a lot of time reading every thing I could about real guitar amps and cabinets on the internet and other sources to try and understand how they function to be able to try and model an amp. My project is just standard modules and some user created modules found on the forums. I also had a lot of help from people such as Trogluddite, Billv, and others here on the forums.

A good place to start on a guitar amp is to look at ways of creating distortion (waveshaper, gain, tangent functions, etc.). Then look at adding harmonics (odd, even). I found I needed a cab sim to tone down the higher frequencies generated by the amp.

Hope this helps some.

-acg2010 aka Ph D(J) Music

I will once I figure out what I'm doing. So far I created a cool metal distortion pedal vst.
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Re: Modeling an Guitar Amp

Postby jesterstudios » Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:08 am

acg2010 wrote:Here are some of the relevant SynthMaker forum links I was referring to. This is just from searching for "guitar amp". There are other links if you search for distortion, guitar amp sim, etc. I didn't have anything better to do this Sunday, so I spent time listing the links here in case anyone else was interested. The Bold line is the topic and the link for that topic is below it.

Differential DC Bias Adjust synthmaker implementation ... amp#p92318

HELP! Guitar amp style knobs ... amp#p87653

Emulating a Germanium PNP Transistor in Synthmaker or Flows ... amp#p92033

Comma delimited file parsing ... amp#p91600

Guitar Amp Sim ... amp#p89019

using (FL)Synthmaker to make a guitar amp plugin ... amp#p82356

D plugins ... amp#p80685

Oversampling Toolkit ... amp#p45132

Guitar Preamp EXAMPLE for SM People ... amp#p71039

Guitar Amp ... amp#p67280

Shred 1.06 Released ... amp#p65002

RevolutionZ Head Amp ... amp#p61186

need help learning SM basics ... amp#p60850

Amplifier Simulation? ... amp#p10019

How to make a Guitar Amp? ... amp#p59799

Drive ... amp#p57536

Who knows C++ Really Good/SM language really well? ... amp#p53775

Skin ... amp#p53653

What is causing these denormals ... amp#p53165

"My Instruments Guitar Bass Effects and Creations of Fun" ... amp#p52700

Need help with Float Array from disk ... amp#p52497

Credits for Guitar Amp ... amp#p52369

5 Cyborgs bass guitar amp simulator ... amp#p48762

simple distortion ... amp#p21851

Amp Distortion ... amp#p18271

Thank you for posting these links. I really have been researching online for information to build my vst.
Industrial music isn't dead.
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Re: Modeling an Guitar Amp

Postby acg2010 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:39 pm

@jesterstudios - unfortunately the SynthMaker forums no longer exist. So all my guitar amp stuff links pointing to that website no longer work. However, if you search this forum, you will find people have archived the Synthmaker forum, modules, schematics, and materials that can be downloaded and searched. Good luck with your project.
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