Compatible Transducers:

Through the various hardware options flowstone can connect to just about any form of transducer. Analogue transducer such as, microphones, geophones, vibration sensors and connect to A/D inputs. Digital transducers, switched, shaft encoders, level sensor, and connect to TTL digital inputs etc. Below is a snapshot of some of the more common transducer but there are many more:

Measures ±3 gravities (± 29.4m/s2) change per axis

Measures alternating current up to 50Amps and direct current from -50Amps to +50Amps.

The i-Snail-VC is a self powered AC current transducer that provides a 0-5V dc analog signal proportional to the AC current flowing through the device wire window (sine wave RMS calibrated).

The IR Distance Adapter is designed to interface the following Sharp sensors

Measures distances from 4 cm to 30 cm

Intended as a user input device (i.e. recognizing that someone is pushing a button)

Can detect the presence of an object at a distance of 0 to 10cm.

Two-axis joystick with a momentary switch.

Uses the Linear Hall Effect. Provides a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. The sensor is Ratiometric.

Detects changes in infrared radiation which occur when there is movement by a person (or object) which is different in temperature from the surroundings.

Interfaces to a glass electrode through a common BNC connection.

Rotates 300 degrees.

Measures absolute gas pressure from 20 to 250 kPa (2.9 to 36.3 psi) with a maximum error of ±1.5%.

Linear potentiometer - the resistance varies linearly with the position of the slider.

Detects objects from 0 inches to 254 inches (6.45 meters) with 1 inch resolution.

Supports up to four J, K, E and T-type thermocouples

Ready-Made Insulated Thermocouple with Miniature Male Connector and Heavy Duty Flex Strain Relief

Buffers a piezoelectric transducer.

Measures voltage from -30V to +30V